If you ever wanted a quick reference to where your favorite hair metal band got their start, check out this Hair Metal History Map put together by Phil D.
Phil writes… “I spent dozens of hours putting it together and now, I’m trying to share it with those who would appreciate it! It is a work in progress and I would love any suggestions or input!”
Band choices were made based on the look, subject matter, attitude, lifestyle, time period, influence, affiliated bands, radio/TV play, and Phil’s memory.
Click on any band photo to see where they are from. You can also click the ‘Timeline’ tab that will show the hair metal movement origins in 1977 and where it grew across the U.S. and Europe through 1994.
Thanks for the great work Phil!

The 80’s. When men looked like women and women tried to keep up. One of my favorite band names, VIXEN originally formed in 1980 in Los Angeles and played the club scene for seven long years before breaking out with the release of their self-titled debut.
Did you know the first single and VIXEN’S biggest hit “Edge of a Broken Heart” was written by Richard Marx? (He makes a cameo appearance in the video).
That debut album sold millions, but like a lot of hair bands at the end of the decade, their follow up ‘Rev It Up’ (1990) didn’t fare as well. VIXEN broke up the following year.