KNAC Interview with Armored Saint Frontman John Bush:
“At this point in my life, not playing that often and doing long, grueling tours where you do ten shows in a row, and then a day off, and then nine in a row. I see bands still doing that stuff and I just marvel at it, because I wouldn’t be able to do that any longer. It’s not the way I sing. I sing with a very aggressive approach and I’ve been told for years, ‘You gotta back off. Don’t push so hard.’ I try not to do that, because I really want to try not to suck, in all honesty. I also feel that I’m a better singer now than I ever was. I just think I’m more in touch with what I can and what I cannot do. My voice has found a good little area where it’s raspy but it’s strong, and I probably know how to sing better than I did 25 years ago, when I was just trying to sing high and try to emulate some of my heroes. I wasn’t really there. Rob Halford was always the king, but I couldn’t sing like him. I was more like a Steven Tyler-kind of singer. It was about finding my niche and my personality and letting that kind of shine through. And to me that’s the most important thing to being a musician as a whole, or really a singer, is to kind of let your personality be the thing that people can connect with. You know who somebody is by the tone of their voice, by the style of their singing, by the playing of their guitar. And that, to me, is more important than anything. I don’t know how great of a guitar player, in terms of technical abilities, someone like The Edge is, but it’s just undeniable when you hear his playing. That’s him.”