Twisted Sister Jay Jay (TWISTED SISTER guitarist Jay Jay French) “While most of the world thinks that TWISTED SISTER started in 1984, there are those who know a much different story.”
“Within the next year, a documentary about the history of the first 10 years of TWISTED SISTER will finally be exhibited from the [German] filmmaker Andy Horn.”
“Because of the sheer number of super-sized night clubs that started operating in the tri-state area around 1976, there exists a fan base that only knew us with me, Dee [Snider, vocals], Eddie [Ojeda, guitar] and, for a short time, bassist Ken Neill (with an assortment of changing drummers).”
“However, before that, TWISTED SISTER played hundreds of shows at places like the Mad Hatter in East Quouge, Mr. T’s & Maxis in Wantagh, in Long Island, The Satellite Lounge, The Wreck Room, Dodd’s, The Colony III, The Joker II, The Searchlite, Spruce Goose, The Capricorn and the George Inn in NJ and the Sahara located in Adams, Massachusetts.
“It was clear to me early on that the first version of the band was never going to make it. None of the members, except Kenny, had what it takes. The lack of focus, professionalism and raw talent of the fist version became obvious and the proof is that of all the original five members, I alone remain standing.
“In those days, you played in one club for three-six nights in a row. In the case of the Mad Hatter in East Quouge, we played 78 nights between May and September.
“So here then, for the first time, is the show schedule of TWISTED SISTER’s first year. While rehearsals were well under way in February, the first dates began 40 years ago in March, 1973.
“Have fun. Maybe some of you remember!”