Queensryche - Rage For Order
Before Queensrÿche’s ‘Anarchy-X’ became the killer opening track on ‘Operation: Mindcrime‘ (1988), it almost became another song on their previous release.
METAL SHOP listener James Kocher in Micanopy, Florida discovered this YouTube gem (view below), a track written for the ‘Rage for Order‘ (1986) album, but never actually released.
According to Wikipedia, Queensrÿche wrote and recorded at least three complete songs Queensryche - Operation Mindcrimethat did not make the final ‘Rage’ track list, but are available on various demos. ‘From the Darkside’ is a slow atmospheric piece with lyrics and concepts later revisited for ‘Mindcrime’. ‘The Dream’ is a fast heavy metal tune and the unreleased title track ‘Rage for Order’ also has elements that ended up on ‘Mindcrime’, mainly the intro which became ‘Anarchy-X’ and some lyrical concepts. The song ‘Rage for Order’ was played live during the tour promoting this album and is available on bootleg audio and video.