Queensryche_3Oregon Music News: Currently you can use the name ‘Queensrÿche’ as can Scott, Michael and Eddie. You put together an all-star line-up that will tour under the name Queensrÿche. How confusing do you think this will be to the casual fans and will this hurt the brand?
Geoff Tate: “Oh, yeah it will be. That’s why I tried to file an injunction to stop everyone from using the name until we settled our differences. They didn’t want that they wanted to keep touring. They couldn’t sell their other project without the name ‘Queensrÿche.’ I think that is what caused them to fire me and go through such extreme measures. They’re operating in ‘survival mode’ which is really too bad. This isn’t the way I envisioned the ending of the band. I do think this will be confusing for the ‘casual fan’ but I think most Queensrÿche fans are very intelligent people can go to or and get a clearer picture of what’s happening. I think this will allow them to make an informed decision on what they’d like to do.”
Oregon Music News: So Geoff how much of the break-up has to do with money?
Geoff Tate: “Oh, it’s all about money! It’s all about money. It’s unfortunate that some people are able to see the picture of where they are at. They have this misinformed of idea of what ‘reality’ is. So these people make these bad decisions on this ‘misinformation’ and then they have to justify their actions. I really believe that is what is happening here.”
Oregon Music News: Out curiosity, have you heard or viewed any of the clips of Todd La Torre performing ‘classic’ Queensryche material? If so what did you think?
Geoff Tate: “Oh, no. I’m not even interested in that.”
Oregon Music News: It must be very hurtful to cut ties with the guys because you guys basically grew up together.
Geoff Tate: “Oh, yeah. Absolutely, it was a horrible experience to go through and a complete betrayal on so many different levels. It’s been a painful few months—definitely. I’m on the ‘upswing’ I think. I’ve gone through the pain, the feelings of despair and the feelings of betrayal. I’m on to the next thing now and moving on with my life. I feel really good about it, I’m positive it about and very excited.”