Metal Forces: (Bassist Jeff Pilson) “George Lynch and Don Dokken sadly have an acrimonious relationship. Sure, there are reasons they don’t get along. I could go into all sorts of psychological explanations for why. Things have happened over the years (laughs). We were kind of a volatile band for many years – there was a lot of stuff going on. The easiest way to sum it up is just egos. I think it was just a battle of egos all of the way through. Sometimes George says things that he shouldn’t say, but he’s pretty much a from the heart kind of guy and he pretty much means what he says. He says things sincerely which people don’t get, and that’s the problem sometimes (laughs). Overall though, he’s a very from the heart kind of guy. It’s a shame that they don’t get along, but I think a lot of that has kind of dissipated over the years. I think they get along better than people realize now.”
“Nonetheless, a reunion of Dokken’s classic line-up cannot be ruled out. “It’s always a possibility, but timing and scheduling has been really tricky for T&N as it is,” the vocalist cautions. “We’d love to tour this thing, but certainly my commitments with Foreigner make it very difficult trying to tour. That was kind of the case the last time we tried to do a Dokken reunion; I just wasn’t able to devote the time to it that would’ve been necessary, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. You never know. If we were to do Dokken it would be a fairly intensive commitment though, and I just don’t see that happening right away.
“George’s and Don’s relationship isn’t an obstacle, Jeff feels. “If they were in a room together right now, they’d laugh and it’d be fine,” he adds. “I won’t say that there haven’t been some hiccups in the last couple of years (laughs). There have been a couple of times when things have been bad, but the last I heard they were fine with one another. I think they even spoke not that long ago, and it was fine.”